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Healthy Recipes

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Corina Boho

Corina’s main focus is on the importance of consuming food that releases energy for us to use, making us feel energetic and vibrant, instead of food that takes energy from us, resulting in us feeling tired and sluggish. 

Eating to thrive is surprisingly easy and delicious when we delete our conditioned beliefs about food and learn how to combine ingredients that go from the earth straight to our plate. Corina calls this “re-discovering our modern nature” and is passionate about educating others to see, feel, taste and understand this beauty and to allow our blindfold to drop, discovering and unlocking all those little pleasures of life that bring us closer to who nature intends us to be.

The food we choose to eat can determine how we feel, how we react, how much we get done in a day and can also influence our mood. This is where the power of micronutrients play an important role in our daily life. Combining these commonly overlooked elements with the right lifestyle for our body and mind can make the difference between thriving and surviving...

"Developing a good relationship with food"

Let yoga show us the way

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Healthy recipes & tips 
Yoga & wellbeing
Product reviews
DIY bodycare
Nutrition & health


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Bodyweight & calisthenics

Handstand workshops

Learning proper body alignment & technique when using weights

Nutrition Counseling


Nutrition for kids

Sports nutrition

Nutrition for fertility, egg & sperm health

Vegan nutrition & bodybuilding

Nutrition for couples

Sattvic nutrition- eat like a yogi

Microbiome health

Raw food nutrition

Thyroid health

Ayurvedic nutrition

Anti-acne diet

Digestive health

Nutrition for the family- cutting habits & getting your kids to love real food

Vegan diet for healthy bones

Weight loss- the easy & effective way

Diet for glowing skin

Meal prep

Diet & detoxification

Juicing & juice fasts

Business Consultations


Recipe creation and tweaking for your business

Full day of staff training (I will train your staff to execute the recipes properly & understand how to combine ingredients to achieve certain flavours and textures)


Catering (vegan only)


Experience in :

Fitness & sports events

Private parties & events

Kids parties

Business conferences

Anniversaries & Birthdays

Movie sets

Yoga & wellness retreats




Headstand & handstand workshops

Traditional Hatha

Fertility yoga

Post-natal yoga & Diastasi Recti professional

Pregnancy yoga

Yoga for inner peace

Yoga for improving flexibility quickly 


Kundalini yoga

Vinyasa flow

Yoga for beginners

Intermediate & advanced yoga sessions

Yoga for joint health

Yoga for injuries

Yoga remix (flowing around different disciplines)

Yoga for runners

Yoga for mental strength

Personalised yoga sessions

Yoga for back pain

Yoga for radically improving core strength

Yoga for improving balance & stability

Yoga for toning up

Yoga for mental clarity

Fat burning yoga workouts

Power yoga

Gentle yoga sessions

Yin Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Yoga alignment

Yoga for improving daily posture

Yoga for office workers

Yoga for fitness professionals & Personal Trainers
Yoga for menopause & hot flushes

Yoga for anxiety & stress

Heart opening yoga flows for confidence & self-love

Deep stretch yoga

Yoga for migraines

Yoga for insomnia

Lifestyle Coaching


Improve Lifestyle & Mindset

Manage Depression & Anxiety


Achieve higher Energetic Vibration 

Boost your inner power


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