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My philosophy

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I dedicate this website to sharing my lifestyle with the hope that it will help you in your journey towards unlocking all those little secrets that bring us closer to how nature intended us to be. I empower you to discover the real beauty that hides behind those little secrets and to unveil and awaken the magic from within your body and soul. Everything we do, think and say has an impact on how our day unfolds. Even the food we choose and how we move our bodies can determine how we feel and therefore how we think, so I invite you to dream, to love and to simply be yourself as you are special and unique, powerful and strong. By bringing awareness to our body and to the world around us we get rid of the blindfold and we see. When we see, we start to appreciate and gratitude is the key to happiness. We are made out of the same source of energy that has created everything we hear, touch, observe and feel, so let's also recognise the light in others and offer a loving hand to help them grow. The beauty of life is that we write the pages of our own story. We have the power to create and manifest the magnificence of our journey by imagining, believing and doing, so lets learn how to direct our mind with our heart and attract what we really want, instead of what we think we need.


Lets take a few steps back and allow ourselves to sink into the beauty of our origins, a planet created by pure, clean energy where the solution to everything is always found in nature and where all the answers to our questions are found within ourselves. Let's feel the power of the invisible and allow it to sing within our soul, expanding into a warm feeling of being genuinely alive. This is joy, this is being one with the universe. This is awareness. Let's embrace the moment we feel this and never let it go.

My story

My name is Corina. I am certified in nutrition and health, I am also a yoga teacher, a plant-based chef and I own a food business called Vida Boho. Most of what I do is health-related, being this physical, mental and/or spiritual health. I grew up on a small Balearic island in the mediterranean sea called Menorca. I have always been interested in nutrition and physical activity and gained a lot of my knowledge at a young age from my mother. I could go on forever, talking to people about health but there was one problem. I never applied it to myself. At the age of 17 I noticed I had a terrible addiction to sugar. The kind of addiction where you can't fall asleep at night if you don't demolish 3 whole chocolate bars before bed. Some days I would even swap lunch and dinner for 5 or 6 snicker or mars bars and believed to be the happiest person ever. I blamed my acne to being a teenager and you know... "the hormones". Later on in life, a good friend of mine was experiencing digestive and gut health problems and asked me for advice. All the arrows were pointing to a full body detox so I put him on a raw vegan diet for 21 days and told him to avoid certain cosmetics, harsh cleaning products and anything unnatural that could potentially penetrate the skin causing toxicity in the body. He was practicing martial arts everyday and used the mindset of dedication, practice and resilience to get him through this temporary change of lifestyle. And in order to make it easier for him I decided to join in. So now we were also accountable to each other. Within 2 weeks all my acne cleared completely, my skin was glowing and acne scars seemed to fade at double the speed. I wasn't only eating food from the Earth, but I also swapped my makeup and cosmetics to raw coconut oil only and this combo took my experience to a whole new level, you see, I wasn't a teenager anymore and still suffered from terrible skin problems nevertheless and when I swapped to organic raw foods and no chemicals the unexpected results were massively eye-opening. Apart from extremely high levels of clean energy and natural happiness and love, I noticed after the 21 days that my sugar addiction was gone. No matter how hard I tried to go off sugar, all my attempts would never last over a day, but this did it. How? I found substitutes and natural ingredients which curbed my sugar cravings and slowly suppressed my addiction. Then even more happened. I no longer wanted to drink alcohol and drinking has always been a big part of my life since the age of 14. I always loved the taste and feeling of alcohol, I couldn't imagine a life without it and never understood those who didn't drink. So how did this happen? I guess my body was feeling so clean and light, the thought of drinking alcohol was in my mind compared to pouring toxic water over a field of roses. If only I knew about this before!! and so many others out there still trying to fight cravings and addictions. I got so passionate about this lifestyle I started a raw food business from my kitchen. This is how Vida Boho came to life. I started off offering healthy snacks in theatres and gyms, then Vida Boho became a market stall offering raw vegan food and desserts and now it's mainly a catering business and a culinary school.  


Many people ask me why I became vegan. What's interesting is, although going fully raw had a moral impact on me and awakened me massively to the level of cruelty I have been supporting all my life, my journey isn't about that. After the 21 days, I went back to the crappiest diet ever and it just didn't feel good. Even sugar tasted horrible and was all of a sudden way too sweet for my sweet-tooth, so I went back to raw and stuck with it for 2 years before partnering up with a food company called Prepp'd for which I designed a vegan range and therefore decided to go around 20% vegan 80% raw (funny enough, becoming vegan turned out to be more challenging for me than sticking to fully raw).


As you can see, my journey isn't about becoming a vegan but really, it's about discovering a world full of alternatives and breaking an addiction unintentionally at the time this happened.

They say we have the answers to everything inside, so we need to silence the mind to hear the body speak. I went through a very challenging moment in my life where yoga was the only answer. Through intense yoga practice and meditation I noticed that I was naturally drawn towards water dense, high fibre, plant-based foods and had to force milk down my throat because I'd been told that I had to drink it if I want to be healthy. My body didn't want it though and I could feel it, but I have always been stubborn, so I ignored it. The same happened with meat, and I would only feel this way at times when my yoga practice was highly intense, taking up most of my day. Changing to a fully plant-based diet turned that experience into a light bulb moment, making me realise how intelligent Mother Nature is and how easy it is to live according to her rules. I now happily follow this path and listen to my instincts.

Ever since I have learned to go back to my roots, my energy levels are over the moon, I am the happiest I have ever been, my productivity keeps increasing massively compared to before and my hair is shiner and grows faster too. I have also noticed I manage to connect easier with people and I feel more empathetic, emotional and whole.


I am learning a lot during this lovely journey and have been sharing this knowledge with people around me. Now its time to share it with the world!!

I hope you enjoy what you find here and don't forget that I am posting different content on my social media accounts so please follow to not miss a thing.

I also arrange food tasting events, culinary workshops, yoga workshops, and other health focused events, some of them free of charge. If this is something that is of interest to you, or if you like the content on my blog, please sign up to my newsletter to be the first to know!!

Sending Love

Corina x



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